Do you have experience waking up 4:00 am for a 9:00 flight in a freezing winter?

Nothing is more tiring than long waiting in a station or airport.

Ticket dispenser and airport self check in kiosk was one of the first applications where Horsent rolled up.



From the traditional display to LED, LCD displays and now interactive LCD touch screens, are now integrating all sorts of services expected and needed in traffic sites: information, details of traffic status, services like ticketing selling, attractive adverting, way directory: from a small bus stop, to train station, traffic terminal, to international airports, a clean, large enough screen for a rapid display of all necessary information for busy travellers is something must have to keep the efficiency of the traffic terminal for their thousands of commuters and travellers, so they could catch the right flight/train, without waste of time on waiting, the wrong path, still enjoy the journeys with fast food, chilled drinks and valued shopping experiences.


Horsent recommends touch screen signage rather than Digital signage: face it, if travellers touch a screen and there is no reaction, it must be broken.

Touch screen signage is interactive display helps shop owners learn income by attracting more visitors, still offering a better travelling experience. For instance, a 43inch touch screen display with vivid details and view more options can sell a great many products like food and souvenir.

Small touch screen like 10inch, and 15inch touch monitor for food and drinks vending machine is made for fast delivery for busy travellers.

A large touch screen for example 32 inch, 43 inch interactive display is designed for the display of information and interactive digital signage

Open frame touch screen monitor is designed for kiosks such as tickets dispenser for train station, subway, and self check in kiosk in the airport

43 inch open frame and 43 inch touch monitor are for the information desk and wayfinding kiosk.

Those commercial-grade PCAP touch monitors are built with durable components to deliver a wonderful display and fluent touch screen interaction experience.



Horsent develops touchscreen for traffic, shorten the time of check-in, information, ticketing, boarding……

Enables good start and the perfect ending for all trips: Station and airport will be smooth, and productive.


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Less waiting
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Keep customers happy
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Time saving
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Superior service
Less waiting time (6)

Manpower saving

Place of Application

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Self-check in

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Horsent Propose

21.5 Openframe Slim Bezel UH03

23.8Openframe Touchscreen H2412

31.5 Openframe Touchscreen H3212