The 4.0 Generation workshop is about the interaction and cooperation between machines and operators.

Horsent create a user interface bridging the operators and machines in a productive way: Safe, Stable, and Speedy.

Our Industrial grade touchscreen is developed for the harsh workshop even with the heat, humid, dust or oil ensuring steady operation of your production lines, delivering a clear view of your factory data, dashboard, and status to monitor your process, helping operator see the problems and act faster, ensures an efficient, interactive operation and effective control of the process, so you can operate accurately and quickly.

Heat: with the help of industrial grade components, PCB, Touch panel and test grade, we could offer as much as -20~70 ℃ operation temperature touch screen for your harsh environment such as outdoor factory, no-air conditioner working shops.

Humid: especially salty fogy test for industrial high humidity environment test

in order to save you from high humidity places such as food production plant.

Waterproof touch screen and dustproof touch screen solution reaches IP65 (front) standard and offers high reliability for water resistance, for instance, dairy factory and cleaning factory application.

For the most popular application, you will find our touch screen being used in various functional screens too:

Operation panel: to replace traditional button and handle operation panel to have more control, more interface for more sites and functions, and more controls over the factory.

On-site control is for a single machine's control, with a touch screen than the limited space of traditional control, the operation can be faster and clear

Center room with a touch screen is the control room operation,

one with a touch screen is more efficient in offering instance control than a keyboard + mouse,

Dashboard with touchscreen is able to manage, and view the status directly and speedier than use mouse operation. 


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Industrial 10 inch open frame touch screen






Quick view

Quick view
Friendly operation

Friendly operation

Fast response
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Time saving
Less waiting time (6)

Manpower saving

Place of Application

Operation panel (2)

Operation panel

Operation panel (3)

On-site control

Operation panel (4)

Center room

Operation panel (1)

Dash board

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10.1" Zero Bezel Openframe Touchscreen 1015

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